VA Testimonial From Michael Terrell


Michael Terrell – VA Testimonial

My name is Michael Terrell. I was an anti-tank gunner in the US Marines. I served from 1979 to 1983 in Camp Pendleton California. I met Chris through a real estate agent named Alice Morello. She introduced Chris’s name to me and actually said to go see Chris and he would help me out. After I spoke with Chris, I learned that he was more heavily involved in helping vets which are the reason why I stuck around. I wanted someone who could help me use my VA entitlement and get me into a house. Chris and I had a good talk about how the process would go and he kind of gave me a heads-up on what I needed to do as far as credit and trying to wean myself away from using credit cards. I would recommend Chris to other veterans because he really concentrates on their needs and showing them what is needed to Fire Their Landlords.