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Should I refinance? do the numbers make sense?

I’m a walking calculator, and sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t it’s not merely just based on the interest rate.

There are many different reasons why you may want to refinance your home. Sometimes people’s goal is to pay their house off 5 years sooner or even 15 years sooner. Others want to get a lower rate. Then there are those that want to pull some cash out to remodel their kitchen. Recently I had a couple ask, “How can I get out of this loan? What if I raise my payment or kept it the same by lowering the interest rate?” Sometimes we can take years off a mortgage. That could save somebody $200,000. Many people want to know, can I save $200 a month? Can I lower my mortgage payment? That mortgage payment could go to my kid’s school or something else that’s important to us.

Well, here’s what I tell you to do, I need to evaluate your situation. The first thing I need to see is your mortgage statement. People always give me roundabout numbers, but the mortgage statement is going to give me exact numbers. It shows the interest rate you’re paying, how much your monthly payment is and the principal, interest, and taxes. By doing that I can do an excellent evaluation. So we compare good numbers to good numbers; otherwise, it’s garbage in garbage out, and we don’t know what we’re comparing too. Click right here on the upload button and upload your mortgage statement to me and I will evaluate it; I’ll crunch some numbers. This way you’ll make a decision based on a lot of information instead of all the little info. Call me Chris Trapani happy to help you do that