Using Your VA Loan To Buy A House

Who Qualifies For A VA Loan?

VA loans offer those who’ve served honorably and once in a while with a general discharge – but they’ve served honorably our country in the military. That also includes if you’ve been in the reserves and the National Guard. So if you’ve served, give me your dd-214. I will get your certificate of eligibility from the Veterans Administration itself. VA does not lend you money what they do is they insure the loan to a very high percentage what that allows you to do is it allows vets to buy with zero down. Very often with zero out of the pocket, there are limits to the loan amount.

VA Loan Limits

The standard limit would be in our county right here now it’s $453,100 dollars. But if you go above that, everything above, you just put a 25% down payment so if you went a $100,000 dollars above if you went to $553,100 you could buy with a $25,000 dollar down payment the rates are outstanding on VA loans there’s some of the best rates out there if you’re a veteran this is probably the type of loan that you really want to take advantage of by the way we go as low as a five hundred FICO score for vets so there’s no reason today if you’re a veteran you have a job you can just about buy a house real simple you had all back now in a little way I’ve got yours call me Chris the mortgage pro and I will help you fire a landlord!