Free Money for your down payment? GSFA Program

Free Money, Free Money, Free Money!!!

Who wants free money?  Everyone of course! But sorry, it’s not money to buy a new car!  It’s money to buy something much more important!  It’s a grant for a down payment to buy a house!
Can you really get free money? Yes, you can!


Isn’t there always? Yes, but it’s a minor one.  You do have to pay a little more on the interest rate, but… you can refinance after making a minimum of 6 payments and…. the free money is yours to keep!
It’s available through the Golden State Finance Authority (GSFA).
I proudly offer this program and you might hear it called the GFSA platinum program.
It’s not a complicated loan with very minimal requirements above what the standard FHA requirements are, but you must have a 640 minimum FICO score and a lower debt to income ratio than if you purchased using the standard 3.5% down payment from your own funds.

2-5% GRANT

If you meet these qualifications, you will receive a 2-5% grant.  The Grant amount depends on the interest rate.  The higher the grant, obviously the higher the interest rate.
A best and most exciting part about a grant is you “never” pay a grant back! It’s not a loan of any kind – it’s Free money!
People always ask me “are there really down payment assistance programs that allow you to buy with Zero Down Payment?”  There sure is and one of the best programs out there is the GSFA Platinum Program!
People often say – I don’t want a mortgage.  Think about this – you are already paying a mortgage, but… you’re paying the mortgage for someone else!  Pay your own mortgage, buy your own house and accumulate your own equity and Fire Your Landlord! What’s could be better than that?
Call me, Chris Trapani, and I’m going to help you Fire Your Landlord!