Employment History | Fire Your Landlord®


I want to teach you about employment history and how the different programs look at it. If you’re a veteran and you just got out of the military and started a different job, they will accept that. you’ve earned that right. now if you’re looking at an FHA or a conventional or a jumbo loan they usually want to see a two-year history on the job. It must be in the same line of work. You could have changed a job last week, so we’re going to need pay stubs and proof.
Where we come into an issue is when people say, “Oh, I got a second job delivering pizza for a second income.” Well, that’s great, when did you start, last week? I can’t use that income. We need a history of two years of you working in that second job. A lot of people do take on second jobs but they don’t stick it out and they don’t have a history.
So, where are the exceptions to the rule? If you went to college or a trade school. Example: You attended a certificate course to become an ultrasound technician. You completed the schooling and got a job. You’ve been on the job a month, well congratulations we can use that in lieu of the two years experience.
They understand that if you went through all that time and effort in order to get the education that you’re gonna stick it out. The education works. Sometimes they need the transcripts to prove it.