Buying A House With A VA Loan

My dad was a marine

My dad was a marine and the family joke Was, he raised five recruits, not five sons. So, I understood what it was like having a military family. I have two brothers who also honorably served in the military. The reason I am so passionate about VA loans is that of this one conversation I had with my dad. I was in the business about a year and I got together with my dad and I asked him, “Did you use a VA loan when you bought the house basically that I was born in?” and he said, “Well, what’s a VA loan.” I explained to him that it’s a loan where veterans don’t have to put any money down and they can buy a house. He said, “Well I’ve been out of the military for over a dozen years. By the time I bought the house I didn’t think I was entitled to anything”.

How Did My Dad Do It?

So, I asked my dad how he ended up buying the home if he didn’t get a loan, how did you save the money for a down payment? He told me what he did was he made an agreement with the Builder and the Builder had him sit in a model home every evening after work till 10:00 p.m. and all-day Saturday and all day Sunday and my dad sold 27 homes and he bought the 28th. My dad was given $100 per sale for every home he sold towards his down payment. He didn’t know that he was entitled to a VA loan. He didn’t have to miss out on six months of weekends and evenings with his entire family. So, I’m passionate about helping vets get what they’re entitled to. It’s really simple, I feel like vets had our back and in a very small way I get to have theirs, I get to help them, Fire Their Landlords!