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Save Money By Watching Netflix And Drinking Coffee? 4 Money Saving Tips


I’m going to give you 4 tips on how you can save some money so you could fire your landlord that

Number 1 – Netflix
People go to the movies, and sure we all enjoy a movie now and then. However, do you realize what it costs a family of four just for tickets? Of course, you have to get popcorn and candy; there is another 20 dollars. You will easily spend a hundred dollars going to the movies. Stay at home and watch Netflix. It’s a little cheaper, little easier, and is going to save you a couple of hundred bucks a month. If you do that twice a month that’s a big deal.

Number 2 – coffee

What do you mean coffee? Yeah coffee, people spent five bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Of course we all like coffee, but you know McDonald’s has an excellent cup of coffee for a buck. You do that five times a week, and you’re looking at a hundred dollars a month to save. Would you rather have that cup of coffee, or have your own house?

Number 3 – eating out

We all like to eat out. Maybe it makes life a little bit easier sometimes. However, I look at people’s bank statements every day, and I’ve seen people who eat out 10 20 30 40 times a month. When you add lunch, dinner, and spouses, you realize that’s between $300-$800 a month. Stay home and cook. You’ll be healthier, and you’ll save a ton of money. Plus you’ll be in your kitchen making your own food.

Number 4 – leave your ATM card at home

Put a little bit of cash in your pocket. I see people all the time who stop at the convenience store for gas and end up buying coffee, lottery ticket, and snacks. Not to mention, they’re spending $10-$15 a day at these convenience stores because you went to get some gas. Leave your ATM card at home. Ignore the pair of shoes when you go into the store. Do you really want those shoes or do you want your own house? Do you really want that book or do you want your own house? Save the money; you’ll be glad you did.

With these 4 simple tips, I gave you; It is very simple to do. It’s just a little bit of discipline, you will be glad you did, and together we’re going to fire your landlord!