3 Tips To Make Your Offer Stand Out And Get Accepted


How To Get An Accepted Offer

Getting an accepted offer can be a little difficult in a strong market.  I’m going to give you 3 tips and help you get that offer accepted.
Tip number one: When I do an approval, I do a real approval. What does that mean? I don’t just do the pre-approval. When I’m done with that, and you give me all the documentation I am going to submit it to an underwriter, so we have a real approval. An underwritten approval. I don’t wait to see what the underwriter says after we make an offer. I make it’s already approved!
Tip number two: Understanding what the listing agent wants to know. He/ she wants to know, how fast they can get paid. Well, if we call him up and we say we’re already approved he’s much more likely to accept that offer. He knows it’s going to go fast and he’s going to get paid.
Tip number three: I personally call that listing agent. I want him to understand what a strong offer you’ve made. We already have the loan approved, and I am going to close that loan in record time. By doing that, the agent knows that the offer is good. It’s already approved, and it will close quickly. So, let’s use these tips. Call me; I’m going to do the pre-approval. I’m going to do the full approval, I’m going to make that phone call, and we’re going to get you in escrow and together we’re going to fire your landlord.