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Zero Down Payment | No Down Payment | First time Home Buyer (CalHFA)


Zero Down Payment | No Down Payment | First time Home Buyer (CalHFA)


CalHFA the California Housing Finance Agency’s Zero Down Payment, No Money Down Real Estate loan. sometimes no closing cost mortgage – the CalHFA loan down payment assistance program offers the CalHFA zero interest program called CalHFA ZIP tied to an FHA loan. The CalHFA loan offers Zero Down Payment and Zero Closing cost options. Real Estate investing with a no money down real estate loan? It doesn’t get better than this! CalHFA 2018! Easy No Money Down Home Loan!

A First Time Home Buyer California program, CalHFA offers, no down payment? How is that possible? Zero Down Payment? Really? Absolutely! This program is usually tied to an “FHA” loan. Watch this video and learn the details of how to buy a home with no down payment & get 100 percent financing! CalHFA 2018 can make the American Dream come true! As a loan officer, I’m always asked about a no down payment & 100 percent financing CalHFA program.

CalHFA offers a California Real Estate down payment assistance program for first time home buyers California where you have a no down payment home loan! This no down payment program will even cover most and sometimes all closing costs depending on the purchase price.

When a first-time home buyer chooses an FHA Loan Officer for CalHFA loans, it’s important that the loan officer understands the nuances of the loans as they are slightly different than standard FHA loans. With a CalHFA down payment assistance program, you can receive a CalHFA Zip. The CalFHA Zip (CalHFA zero interest program) offers a zero percent interest loan for a down payment. Often called a silent second mortgage because there are no monthly payments until you sell or refinance your loan for the payoff. As far as Down Payment assistance programs are concerned, a CalHFA home loan is an excellent choice.

This video explains the CalHFA income limits, CalHFA Zero Interest Program also call the Zip Program, and will help you buy a house with no money! This no money down program to buy a home and get started in real estate with no down payment and 100 percent financing. Buy your first home with no money down.

Chris offers loan applications online which can speed up the home loan process. Apply for a CalHFA loan with our home Loan application online at & click apply now.

We combine CalHFA My home down payment assistance program with a ZIP down payment assistance!

CalHFA 2018 income limits are now much higher, leaving fewer restrictions for qualifying for a CalHFA loan. CalHFA home loans we call Mortgage Magic CalHFA along with Mortgage Magic FHA! It requires a 640 middle FICO score so that’s a big deal. All you got to do is qualify there, that’s considered poor to medium credit it’s not a high credit score type of program and you can get a hundred percent financing. Here’s the stipulation. Must be a first-time homebuyer. what’s a first-time homebuyer? It doesn’t mean you’ve never owned a home. It means you’ve never owned a home in the past three years. So, if you haven’t owned a home in the past three years, have a 640 FICO score, I can help you fire your landlord! call me Chris Trapani and I’ll help you do that. CalHFA no money down!

For a CalHFA loan application online please visit and get requirements for Cal HFA 2018

• You will need to meet credit, income limits and loan requirements of the CalHFA loan counseling and obtain a certificate of completion through an eligible homebuyer counseling organization.
• CalHFA’s down payment programs require you to be a first-time homebuyer.
• Homebuyer education class

Apply with this CalHFA loan application online at for a CalHFA loan.

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