What does a notary public do | Why do I need a notary?

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What does a notary public do | Why do I need a notary?


Hey, this is Chris The Mortgage Pro, you know people always ask me what is a notary do well in the mortgage industry
It’s a very specialized field. So I’m gonna introduce you to David Wardon
He’s gotten so much experience in the business and Realtors. This is why you should choose them, too
Hi, I’m David Wardon with Easy Signed notary I have 23 years of mortgage banking and notary experience
I can explain every document your borrowers are signing
So they feel comfortable with the final stages of their transaction
You want to leave a great last impression with their borrowers?
and I’m the notary to do just that this is why you want to add me to your team and
Promote me as your one and only trusted notary to finalize your mortgage loans
This is why they call me easy sign notary Together we’re going to fire your landlord.

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