Jennifer Linton | C21 King – Rancho Cucamonga


I want to introduce you to Jennifer Linton an experienced realtor from Century 21 King in Rancho Cucamonga

“Hi, my name is Jennifer Linton, representing century 21 King. I came to this country 29 years ago from the island of Jamaica. My greatest wish was to own a home. My husband and I we looked high and low for the right realtor. We eventually found one from Center 21 and she was just fantastic. She helped us in so many ways that we couldn’t even dream of. We were not even sure that we could afford a home. But my husband is a veteran she told us that we couldn’t qualify for a home loan without any money down. So, we were able to purchase a home. Owning a home is easy first you get pre-qualified by a lender and then you’ll find an experienced realtor like myself who cares about you and who will guide you through the buying process and make you feel comfortable and will assist you in owning that home. It is the American dream to own a home. So, my job is to make sure that you achieved that dream. Now I realize that many of us who come to this country feel that we cannot afford to own a home, but the possibility is there for everyone. So, call me and I’ll help you get your piece of the American dream. and together we’re going to help you Fire Your Landlord!”


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