Janelly Marquez Lawyers Title – Rancho Cucamonga


I want to introduce you to my friend Janelly Marquez from Lawyers Title. She is going to teach you what title insurance is.

“Hi, I’m Janelly Marquez with Lawyers Title and I’m here to tell you what title insurance is. Over the years things like liens, easements, and subdivisions may cause confusion on who has rights to the property. The last thing that you want as a homeowner is a situation that puts your home in jeopardy. Well, that’s where title insurance comes in. when you buy or refinance a home title insurance confirms that there are no disputes over who has rights to the property. which leads me to my final point, peace of mind. by the time you are ready to close your deal title insurance gives you and your lender peace of mind knowing that any disputes or
restrictions are resolved or known. and together we’re going to Fire Your Landlord!”

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