Bryan Forno from Hacienda Escrow | Escrow Service


I want to introduce you to Bryan Forno from Hacienda Escrow. He’s going to tell you what to expect from your escrow company.

“Hi everyone, my name is Bryan Forno and I’m the owner of Hacienda Escrow. Today I’m going to talk to you about three things that you can expect from your escrow company. Number one, you’re going to work with an escrow officer who is a trusted professional who will be handling your sensitive documents. Number two, they’re knowledgeable in the type of transaction whether it be a purchase, a sale, or refinance. And number three, at Hacienda Escrow you can expect excellent customer service, a friendly support staff we’re going to guide you through the escrow process, fair and competitive pricing and because real estate is 24/7 you can reach me personally, any time. So please think Hacienda on your next escrow”.

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