Brett Rockwell From Rockwell Pest Solutions


Brett Rockwell from Rockwell Pest Solutions

I want to introduce you to Brett Rockwell from Rockwell Pest Solutions. Moreover, he’s going to tell you what to expect from your termite inspection.

“Hi, my name is Brett Rockwell, owner, and operator of Rockwell Pest Solutions. We’re a wood destroying organism, inspection, treatment, repair, and fumigation company located here in Southern California. Your home purchase will be the most expensive purchase your entire life. During that process, you’ll be able to do a number of inspections.

Wood destroying organism inspection

One of the most important is the wood destroying organism inspection. Your wood destroying organism inspection report will be broken down into two portions. Section one is your active conditions of termites or fungus on the property. Any conventional loan that requires a wood destroying organism certification will need section 1 items to be completed. Any section 2 items which are conducive conditions such as chipping peeling paint, earth to would contact, faulty grade condition, even pieces of wood left underneath the house.

If you do an FHA loan that requires certification, you will need section 1 completed as well as section 2. Moreover, any time you’re doing a VA loan, it will require both 1-n-2 certification each and every time. The two assumptions that we make when doing a wood destroying organism inspection for sellers is number 1. All sellers are poor, that’s why you’re selling your house. So we do invoice escrow as a courtesy. The second assumption is: Every seller is a contractor. Want to take care of the repairs yourself? Be my guest.

Options for Controlling Termites

When it comes to termites, you do have a couple of different options for controlling them. We have localized treatments where we either drill into the framing and treat with pressurized foams to contact termites that way; we call that zombie apocalypse spray. Because termites are communal, they contact termites at the colony passing the material along to others and establish elimination. We also have applications where we apply the materials onto the wood and expose framing such as detached garages, raised foundations, as well as attic areas.

Moreover, we do have fumigation. Fumigation process is three days, you have to bag up your food and medications, but it is what it is. We are in the age of technology so the next time you have a bug question message us on Facebook, you can slide into our DM’s on Instagram, check us out on snap chat. However, if it’s after five o’clock, it’s probably a brown recluse, no matter what.”

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